Metaverse Goes Mainstream

  • Nearly three-quarters of surveyed consumers (74%) had heard of the metaverse as of March, according to a press release Wunderman Thompson Intelligence shared with Marketing Dive. That’s a noteworthy bump in awareness compared to last July, when just 32% reported being familiar with the term.
  • Familiarity has not been followed by understanding, as just 15% of respondents felt they could explain what the metaverse is to other people. Despite this, two-thirds of consumers believe the concept could be life-changing, 68% described it as the “next internet” and 74% stated it is representative of the future.
  • Worries persists around the metaverse, with 72% of parents concerned about children’s privacy and 66% about children’s safety. Still, the study, which surveyed over 3,000 people in the 16-65 age range in the U.S., U.K. and China, indicates that the metaverse has earned a spot in public discourse that coul犀利士
    d help hurry along adoption.

Source:  Marketing Dive

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